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Another P&G. gallery    Muskie Hunters found it on 2021-02-12.
Quick and cold grab tonight. I haven't grabbed many caches during the current cold snap but I felt the need tonight. SL. TFTC.

Blowin' in the Wind. gallery    JaneHolzer found it on 2021-02-12.

Farmhouses of Richfield - John Irwin House. gallery    mikedeotis found it on 2021-02-12.
I came down to the area to do maintenance on two of my caches by Pearl park, but I still needed a cache for today. Yours was the perfect cache during this VERY frigid day! I hopped out of the car and on my way to your Cache, I had to keep reminding myself, "Don't stick my tongue on the metal Pole!" It was tempting, but I resisted (wink, wink!) Thanks for the ice cold hide 😉! TFTCSL 👍😃

Boulder View. gallery    catran3 found it on 2021-02-12.
I was able to drive in and park in 2wd but not able to get back out on the road without 4wd so just a heads up. Nice broken trail to follow so that made the hike much easier. It ended up being a little over 1.5 miles round trip but well worth it. A great view of Boulder Lake and really cool rock at gz- Thanks for the cache!

A Wise Find!. gallery    bdpfau found it on 2021-02-12.
In need of a cache find on February 11, I ran over to this one after work before it got dark. I had a hunch as to what the container would be, which proved to be correct. This one was nicely done. SLTNLN. TFTC!

Velma. gallery    Gat R Done Publish Listing on 2021-02-12.

Remain In Light. gallery    CarrieO didn't find it on 2021-02-12.
Well, I’m going to be the first to claim a lame DNF but I think I have a few good excuses. I was excited to see a new cache published relatively close to work, but had to wait several hours before I could go look. Saw there was already a FTF by the time left so I considered saying to heck with it. But, had to go to the PO nearby anyway, so, I pulled in to give it a shot. O.M.G is this place busy at 4:15pm!!! I had to circle a few times to get a parking spot and it ended up being feet from GZ. I was poorly prepared to be out of doors for any length of time. I went to a beacon, and saw no signs it had been disturbed. Looked anyway. Nothing. Maybe it’s that other beacon? And why is EVERYONE just sitting in their car? Checked a second beacon. Nope. Circled around the lot, person sitting in their car in front of that beacon. Skip. Same for another one. By this time I was too cold and needed to get to the PO to wait in line before it closed. Like I said, Lame. I’ll return at abetter time, in a better temp, and avenge this.

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