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LIGHT CACHE. gallery    Hinjas Needs Maintenance on 2019-02-22.
Soaked log, container won't close properly.

LIGHT CACHE. gallery    Hinjas found it on 2019-02-22.
Quick find, but the container is pretty busted and the log is a wet, frozen mess. I was able to sign it though! TFTF!

misi-ziibi. gallery    CatladySue411 found it on 2019-02-22.
Looks like a wonderful park... can’t wait for spring and summer to enjoy it now that I work up here 😁

Mighty Miss. gallery    dmnrec found it on 2019-02-22.
Could not quite get to gz due to snow so sent my estimated answers. Was in town for a conference so thought i would get an earthcache for a challenge i am slowly working on. Thanks for the earthcache! Nice afternoon for a quick walk.

muggle zone. gallery    nsaj found it on 2019-02-22.
Found with Runmom on our way up North!

Dipping Trackables.

Thanks for placing this cache and adding to the enjoyment of the game for all!


muggle zone. gallery    runmom found it on 2019-02-22.
Kwik p&g on the way to Duluth with nsaj!!

Welcome To Woodbury - Tamarack West. gallery    XZQ&Dad Temporarily Disable Listing on 2019-02-22.
Between the deep snow, the construction in the parking lot, and the high likelihood that this one is missing, this one is disabled until we can put together a suitable replacement.

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