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 GC8RW5FRegular South Pole by 674skyguy
 GC8RTFMRegular Weschke Park by Mitchell360
 GC8RTC0Regular Cedar Isle Snag by cintaschmitz
 GC8RTBVRegular First Family Cache by cintaschmitz
 GC8RT70Regular Jackwell by maxwellolmen
 GC8RT4DRegular Kayak Adventure by Enigma82
 GC8RT48Regular Under the fallen tree by bane2546
 GC8RRYNRegular Holey Cache by Rubydog4
 GC8RQHEMulti Home Run Ball Field Our 100th Hide! by Lemer & Jeanie
 GC8RPD1Regular Baby Dinosaur's First Cache by dylansansom
 GC8RMY2Regular RIP Blue Pen by SyjacNDuckie
 GC8RM44Regular Pet store by Grochs5
 GC8RK90Multi MNSQ: Soldiers of Solderville by BabeonPC
 GC8RK5TRegular SOOP 2 by kianamom
 GC8RK56Regular Rocky start by colton20082008
 GC8RG7WRegular Withrow 122 by narguy
 GC8RG6ZMystery Lazemby's Code by TJnAJ
 GC8RFCEMulti Bike With Me: Minnesota Valley Trail #2 by MasterSergeantUSMC
 GC8RE4JMulti The Peoria Gateway by RiverHippes
 GC8RE33Regular The Shrieking Shack by jstproot
 GC8RC1ERegular Superman? Super Tree? or Super lucky? by TheKochTrio
 GC8RBYCRegular Ducks, Ducks, and More Ducks by mnmbeck
 GC8RBWWRegular REBEL YELL !!!! ....2020 by Killer Rabbit
 GC8RBNRRegular My hair's so light by kianamom
 GC8RBJMRegular Sharp turn! by kianamom
 GC8RAQQRegular New Prague...New Hundo #93 by RichN0HJZ
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