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 GC7Z34RRegular Milltown!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z31VRegular Overwhelming Underdog by runawaytrain
 GC7Z1QZRegular Bill the Pony!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1QQRegular Peregrin Took!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1PBRegular Meriadoc Brandybuck!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1NZRegular Samwise Gamgee!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1NKRegular Gimli!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1NDRegular Boromir!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1N2Regular Legolas! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1MVRegular Aragorn!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1MKRegular Gandalf! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1MCRegular Frodo Baggins!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1KYRegular The Fellowship!! by Nedlow
 GC7Z1GRRegular Power to the People by chaplaindave
 GC7Z1GCRegular Wood'nt you like to know by ivymrv5
 GC7Z1FZRegular Big Willow High by PackADad
 GC7Z178Regular Welcome to the Wedge by mtnbikeandy
 GC7YZFVRegular Honk Honk Beep Beep Zoom Zoom by mtnbikeandy
 GC7YX4GRegular Filbert by gbeirn
 GC7YW8RRegular Otter Slide. by Nedlow
 GC7YW5JRegular Does it smell funny here, to you? by bnelson333
 GC7YV90Regular Brothers Grimm!! by Nedlow
 GC7YT9BMystery Flagrant Foul! by MonocleMan
 GC7YTC0Mystery The Last Puzzle Show by Babeon
 GC7YT7AMulti MnSQ: St John’s Lutheran Cemetery by MasterSergeantUSMC
 GC7YQPHRegular Surprising View of Minneapolis by nsaj
 GC7YM69Regular A Canary at the Andover Depot by bnelson333
 GC7YKZKRegular The Uglier Duckling by bnelson333
 GC7YK7CRegular Park Bark and Walk by Jetwrench1971
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