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 GC963XPRegular Remain In Light by Dode222
 GC962ZHRegular Daphne by MNpeguy
 GC962ZBRegular Velma by MNpeguy
 GC95ZTFRegular A Walk in the Wildwood by Kurt Franke
 GC9606WRegular Shaggy by MNpeguy
 GC95YY3Regular SIT - Daniel Lindstrom by Scary Lady
 GC95YWFMystery The Oldest Cache In 10 States Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95YTXMystery Unknown Fizzy Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95YT3Mystery Lower 48 Plus DC Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95YRPMystery The Nemophilist Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95YRCMystery Lone Letter State Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95DYHRegular Car(ol)ina in My Mind by MySweetie
 GC95YADRegular SIT - Vilhelm Moberg by Scary Lady
 GC95YA2Regular SIT - Nellie Gustafson by Scary Lady
 GC95H78Mystery Not so Buggy or Beastly by Aix sponsa
 GC95XH0Multi Tonight's the Night by Kurt Franke
 GC95X8TMulti MNSQ - Soldier and Sailors Cemetery by Mvp106x
 GC95X7YMulti MNSQ- Lakeside Cemetery by Mvp106x
 GC95X0AMystery Songs About Butts: Fat Bottomed Girls by TriggerMN
 GC95H4TMystery The Least Buggy by Aix sponsa
 GC95VG6Mystery Dial 666-66-6 For The Devil's Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95VG0Mystery CL/CL/CL Challenge by BigChiefS4
 GC95VCRMystery Great River Road Minnesota - Adventure Lab Bonus by goldribbon
 GC8QGW1Multi S&S by 007tonka
 GC95Q9EMystery 48 North - 93 West Confluence by Aix sponsa
 GC95R08Regular Be Kind, Rewind by tonkaMN
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