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 GC86CTARegular Enjoy! by Nedlow
 GC86CT7Regular Be Sincere! by Nedlow
 GC86CT3Regular Happy!! by Nedlow
 GC86CRRRegular Laugh! by Nedlow
 GC86CRMRegular Smile!! by Nedlow
 GC86CQVRegular There is Another Railrider in Town!! by Nedlow
 GC86BZWRegular Will B. Quick by runawaytrain
 GC86B99Multi Trettle Swamp by AShan
 GC86ARFMystery Classic Vinyl: Reelin' in the Years by Moe the Sleaze
 GC866XGRegular Where Wood It Be? by Jake&Ali
 GC865XBMystery ***State Record - Green Sunfish *** Fishing Guide by Wart-Hog
 GC864JMRegular AeroBeaver by AShan
 GC863K5Regular As Is, No Warranty, Spare Parts Included, by canpaddle
 GC862RRRegular Landlocked by dcparks
 GC862QZMystery Walleye - Teach a Man to Fish < by Wart-Hog
 GC85X9JRegular Not Much Left by tonkaMN
 GC85W9TMystery Deep Tracks: Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze by Moe the Sleaze
 GC85VDRRegular Hristo's Nuts by berresfamily
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